Recovery for Professionals


Professional Support & Monitoring


A Proven Path to Recovery for Professionals
Professional Support, Monitoring & Consulting Services
For Health Care Professionals and their Employers

Francine Farrell is one of the founders of Pacific Assistance Group and currently serves as the Area Administrator in Northern California. Pacific Assistance Group is an association of highly trained and dedicated professionals who have many years of experience treating physicians, dentists, veterinarians and other professionals who have developed problems with addiction or mental illness. With the close of the Medical Board Diversion Program June 30, 2008, the available monitoring and support services throughout California were severely impacted. We are proud to announce our availability to qualifying health care professionals and their licensing boards, employers or hospitals. We are able to provide a broad spectrum of services, including consultation, support groups, comprehensive monitoring services and referrals for comprehensive treatment experiences and fitness for duty evaluations.

Agreements are individually tailored. Our monitoring and support services include:

Frequent phone, email and/or on-site contacts
Regular face-to-face contact
Professionally facilitated peer support groups
Drug screening and testing provided by independent labs in a convenient, sensitive manner
Documentation and reporting to concerned entities with consent

We know what works and what doesn’t. If you are a professional in recovery, we are uniquely able to assist you.